Invest in Drink Shop

Drink Shop

Ubiquitous in Jamaica, the Caribbean and every struggling country I suspect. They sell drinks, smokes and small things to those walking by. You’ll see them on every street, beach and more in many configurations.


What’s Required?

We are currently supporting 3 versions. We like to start with the funding for 6 months after which they are self sufficient and begin repaying the loan.

  • Small – setting up a shop and inventory. and monthly stipend for repairs and possibly more inventory.
  • My Shop – setting the partner up with a new shop on their land and the inventory to get rolling. A monthly stipend for repairs and more inventory.
  • Tourist Shop – a big investment because the rents are high, but bigger risks build bigger success.

What’s the Investment?

Specifics coming soon.

Right now, with COVID, we are sending all the money to feed mothers and kids in my village.
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