Opportunity Statement

I have been working with a video group where we are pushing each other on our projects for humanity. Working with one of my coaches there, he said you need an “opportunity statement”, so here’s my first public stab at it. Moving it forward!

Jamaica is a 3rd world country south of Cuba and the Florida coastline. Jamaica has unique challenges and like most of the Carribean a lot of hope on tourism dollars. With COVID, this is more dire than ever. Fewer than 65% have what we would call a job. Most live day to day and eek out a living working odd jobs or a very small “business”. People raise goats, run a 1 room drink/food shop, drive a taxi, fish and many other things to feed their family. One Up Jamaica aims to find donors who can help hard working Jamaicans to get started or restarted with their chosen business. Sometimes this is getting a motor fixed, stocking a shop with a few cases of drink, buying a few goats, … who knows. People need help and you can be a direct part of that with financing, direct communication and moral support. Raise someone up, one at a time.

Right now, with COVID, we are sending all the money to feed mothers and kids in my village.
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